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What is GifCache?
Save gifs from the internet
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Chrome Extension
Save gifs to your cache from anywhere on the internet
Built for Speed
Compressed thumbnails are generated for each submitted gif and hosted on Amazon S3. Full gifs are only downloaded when directly requested.
New Gifs Daily
Use the included GifGrabber application to add gifs to your Cache directly from reddit.
Automatic Validation
The validation service allows you to verify that your Cache URLs are valid and unique.
is a service to store and categorize GIF urls.
Ever had the perfect GIF in mind but couldn't remember the URL or where you last saw it? GifCache is an easy way to keep track of those images so you'll never miss another opportunity to deploy the ideal reaction GIF or share some adorable puppies.

Using GifCache there is no need to save images to your hard drive or to keep an unorganized list of URLs in a text file somewhere. Simply point your browser to your GifCache profile and your collection is immediately accessible.
A note on using GifCache - when viewing numerous GIFs bandwidth usage can easily hit hundreds of megabytes very quickly.
GifCache is written in Python and JavaScript utilizing the Django web framework.